Group 6 Presentation Recourses


Description of what we did: For this project our group decided to devide and conquer. We were each assigned one question (mine being question 4) and were to research the topic extensivly, each of us writting a minimum of one page of information on the topic. For Question one and question five we all contributed to answering, each of us incorperating aspects of what we had found and thought about the topic. Upon completing our research we met up to collect our completed works and to record the audio for our video. The point of this exercise was to reinforce teamwork and the ability to communicate with others.

Jeopardy Questions:

What is artificial intelligence?

Technology that is capable of computing on a level of intelligence similar to the human mind.

What is Graphene?

A heat resistant material that can resist temperatures generated by the Earth’s core.

What is The Internet of Things?

The name of the emerging system of all interconnected devices.

What is a self-driving car?

A vehicle that is able to reach a location without user interaction.

Youtube video URL:

Written Material: Addressing question 4:

Q4: Define artificial intelligence and and describe the ways that artificial intelligence is currently being used or might be used in the future.

A4:  The definition of artificial intelligence as stated by professors at Stanford University is as follows “It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.” When most people hear artificial intelligence they think “robots that can think for themselves”. This is called self aware AI (Artificial intelligence) and while this is a dream for some programmers, most don’t devote time to creating a human like program. Most programmers devote their time to creating artificially intelligent programs that are intelligent in a non-biologically representative way.

These computer programs are used in many of our modern technologies and allows for advanced computing power. This can range from the programming running a newest generation of phones to the programming running a car assembly line. These are two quite varied applications of artificial technology, but both fall into this shared category. With a large amount of this technology being used domestically or for replacement of manual labor this opens up a large possibility for improvement and innovation. These intelligent machines and programs are already a rather large part of our lives today however what people are truly concerned with is what they can and will become.

In the book “Just Ordinary Robots” the authors discuss the possibilities for AI in the future. When they talk about in home robotics they talk about the uncanny valley, the gap between purely robotic and hyper-realistic when creating robotics that humans find unnerving. Most people prefer their robots to look very robot, not at all like humans since this uncanny valley is very had to metaphorically traverse. However when robots do realistically represent humans, people begin to react more humanely with these “androids”. Recently in Japan a research group claims to have crossed the uncanny valley, creating an android they named Repliee Q2. However this android is not capable of social interactions, and is only capable of speaking prerecorded messages. Even with this limitation this robot is being used in many social experiments to test human response to android presence and social interactions.  Also created recently was the first sex robot to cross the uncanny valley, “Roxxxy”. This android is capable of responding to touch and is able to respond to simple conversation. It has been shown in studies that in countries where prostitution was replaced by sex robots and/or sex dolls, that prostitution related crimes went down dramatically. However what these robots still do not possess something that is very evident in chat box programs such as “cleverbot” and that is common sense. When these programs encounter something outside of their base language they become incapable of logical speech. The lead researcher that worked on Repliee Q2 believes that while difficult, robots that are capable of replicating common sense responses to all questions could be achieved within 30 years. When this is achieved the lead researcher stated that androids used for practical applications such as tour guides,secretaries, or maids would be possible. This could also lead to companion androids, whether built to be humanoid or animal like in appearance, having a companion android could help deal with problems such as depression or anxiety in problems with social disorders.

AI assistance is also being looked into in other fields. In the healthcare field research shows that the number of people over the age of 65 has increased tremendously over the last decade. This means that people care more for their independence, care less about staying in a place where they can be treated readily, or both. One new innovation that could be made possible through powerful artificial intelligence. Domotics are devices and infrastructures in and around homes that provide electronic information for measuring, programing, and controlling functions for the benefit of the owner/user. With the increasing percentage of aging population around the world the benefits of long time robotic caregivers would become much more important. With this increasing amount of the population aging faster and living longer this is putting a great deal of stress on the health field, but with the assistance of robotic caregivers medical professionals could leave the basic tasks to the droids while focusing on the more serious tasks themselves. This could overhaul the way that the health system is run currently in countries and create more jobs in the health field that are mechanically related. While the health field is a great place for domotics to take off, it is also taking off in the form of home security and away from home maintenance. This is observable with new home protection technologies and energy apps that control heat and lighting from the owner’s mobile device.


Link used for project:


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