-Video Chris Anderson: Makers – The New Industrial Revolution

For our homework we were assigned a video of a presentation given by Chris Anderson. He starts the video by discussing how important that the first industrial revolution was. He points out many positive things that resulted from the revolution, such as largely increased life expectancy rates and a massive spike on the social development index. After this he brings up the emergence of the digital revolution, and how it introduced an new  cottage industry. Desktop publishing was one of the biggest things he talked about. These printers and software allowed anyone with the technology available to them to produce quality print. Also another big part of industrialization is shortened supply chains. According to Chris, shorter supply chains allow for faster production, leave less of a carbon footprint, and allow for just-in-time production, essentially production that can be altered by the design team within hours not days. After talking about the maker movement and cottage creation was becoming big he came back to his first slide on the democratization of tools of creation and distribution. He starts going of on how important it is for children to experience that feeling of creating and distributing that was felt by those in the audience that had home computers when they were children. He states that with 3-d printing we have “turned the global industrial model into a drop down menu”. This sort of technology allows anyone to create product on it. This is what Chris Anderson means when he is talking about the New Industrial Revolution.

Most recent news in the world of 3-d printing; Bullets?



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