-Empathy Driven designs +– TED: Simon Sinek – “The golden circle”

This video starts with the speaker introducing himself and then within the first minute he gives his personal definition for creating products. He says that empathy is a person to person emotion so when designing a product his process is focused on the idea of “cultivating product mindfulness”. Instead of looking to connect to the user at an emotional level the maker merely seeks to make a more memorable and enjoyable experience with the product. The presenter continues on with this idea and it carries into E-commerce. He begins to talk about how we live in an age where people are constantly aware of updates in there lives. He talks about the connection that is now emerging between computer apps and phone apps. The way that apps that are cross system usually interact now is that the mobile version (whatever version is on your tablet or cellular device) is usually less informative and focuses on critical things. On the computer the app will usually be vastly more concentrated and focuses, allowing for a better user experience. With this in mind he said that his team focuses on the “cross channel” choreography. He uses an example of his coworker listening to Spotify and getting into the zone while running. He explains that all product should be able to generate this “peak experience” as it is described on his Hierarchy of Experience. This relationship between experience and multi-system connectivity are both very important things to keep in mind when designing a product.

Top 5 Elements of Omni-Design (design across systems)



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