Little Boxes

I found this article to contain a very interesting theory as to how people are broken up. Using the Little Boxes as an example of local group interaction was a very interesting way for the book to break up the first step towards Glocalization.  it effectively communicates its point through the example of a neighborhood. Neighbors that are visiting will usually know what they are meeting for to talk about. However with glocalization these groups of people were then exposed to group to group connection. This glocalization is explained as being place to place interactivity than the door to door interaction experienced in the past. After this place to place connectivity came the most recent step in connectivity, individual to individual, also known as networked individualism. I found it very interesting that everyone now is accessible, and that communication has reached the point of individual communication between people lands apart to only carry a penalty of having your voice carried to them about a second slower than in person.

What I really got out of this article is ,the distinction between individual communication and locational communication, and the idea of “little boxes” that people communicate within. Much like social cliques the internet is filled with many different groups and forums composed or very different individuals. With this knowledge it is up to us, New Media students and future innovators to take advantage of this knowledge and use it to advance our causes. The knowledge that you can access certain groups with specific mentalities or that you can interact as far as the individual level are very important aspects of design and interactivity that should be weighed into many design decisions.


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