UX Design reading

The four articles assigned to us for reading were to be read before a presenter is scheduled to come in Monday. These articles all centered around one key concept and that seemed to be user experience. User experience is a very important concept and is essential for a good product. The main concepts talked about with user experience were simplicity, effectiveness and the message that you are representing.

One of the articles that we read was quite intriguing and had to do with user experience and how it was affecting the sports world. This article explained how many new technologies were being used to affect multiple aspects of the sports world. User interface is playing a large role in these sports, both for the players and the viewers. User experience technology brings people as close to the game as possible with constantly updating media output. The technology they are now using can almost instantly sense when a goal has been made in some sports, allowing viewers to keep updated on the games progress, even if they are not able to sit down and watch the game play out.

In the olympics and in very physical games like american football this sort of technology is being implemented for the use of the athletes in these venues. This technology is being used to assist players in whatever their field finds most necessary. In american football for example they are using sensor and magnet technology to distribute the force of helmet blows to both lower the likelihood of getting a concussion and increase response time. This sort of user interface is a very important use of new technology, as not only is it assisting people in their work and in the entertainment world, but it is also helping people to reach a higher quality of life.

The 5 Most Important Ways Technology Forever Changed Sports in 2014

This link leads to an article where a group of designers in conjunction with doctors is working to redesign standard helmets and give them a safer design. To do this however, they need to go against helmet making standards set by the rest of the sports world.



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