-5 Most ways technology forever changed sports in 2014

This article introduced its readers to the ever evolving world of Sports technology. Most people wouldn’t think that New Media would be associated with sports technology, but it actually is quite the playground for creators to come up with new ideas and tech. This article went over the 5 most important ways that tech changed sporting from 2014 onward. The first technology in the article had to do with the creation of a suit that will supposedly give Speed Skaters a couple fractions seconds advantage. The second tech had to do with goal line technology developed for the FIFA world cup, the third with MLB adding Statcasts for watchers to track analytics, the fourth with live coverage of the Winter Olympics via streaming, and the fifth relating to research into more efficient helmets for use in the NFL an NHL. What do all these things have in common? They are all jobs or projects that can be run or drawn up by New Media graduates. All of these technologies require innovation in fields where problems exist but have yet to be identified. This articles primary purpose beyond identification of now created technologies is to show the¬†versatility of New Media and just how much can be related to the subject.

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