-Victorian Internet completed

Before and over break we were assigned the rest of the victorian internet as our reading. While the first half of the book focused largely on the creation process and the invention of the actual device, this half of the book talked a lot about the impacts that society had on it and what came out of its popularity.Lastly the end of the book talked about the end of the book and how it, like all New Media eventually is, was replaced.

One of the biggest things that the book talked about was the introduction of the criminal community to the telegraph. The book stated that criminals will always no matter what the technology, find a way to abuse that new technology. This statement was very true about the telegraph. This happened in a number of ways, the first of which was described as a duo of criminals watching a horse race and once one of them knew the outcome sent a telegram to his accomplice so that he could bet a large amount on the winning horse.

This was done with a simple code word, and soon code words took off in popularity. This led to cryptography as it is known and used today. It is the art of using a code or algorithm to disguise a message and send it securely to someone else who knows the code. Another fact about cryptography is that someone who breaks down unknown code to figure out what it says without a key is a crypto linguist, and is a quite difficult but well paying job that is heavily valued in the military.

Go army crypto linguist info: goarmy.com/…-support/cryptologic-linguist



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