How iPhone Cameras Changed Society

This article was written by John C. Dvorak, and addresses the elimination of the small personal camera. These handy devices are no longer necessary with the adoption of the iPhone built in digital camera. In a world were one needed to always carry a camera in order to capture something, this innovation served to change the world.

While certainly not on the same level as a professional photographers camera, iPhone cameras gave a lot of opportunity to those who could afford a phone. The built in camera allowed people the ability to capture any situation on the go, in a matter of seconds. This led to a massive shift in how society functions and greatly shaped social media as we know it today. This technology made it possible for everyone and anyone to share news,events, or whatever they may be feeling in the moment.

Before their introduction of the iPhone camera not taking pictures or sharing events was fairly typical. However with the introduction of these cameras it is expected that everyone share all of their interactions, post all of their news, tell everyone their thoughts. This effect can be seen most during large events, when multiple people upload their reaction to the same event. I feel that this allows people a better way for them to express their opinions. When everyone has video capabilities, they can all compare their videos and their opinions on subjects, giving them the ability to see things from another persons perspective.


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