-And lead us not into thinking the new is new: a bibliographic case for new media history (New Media and Society)

This article kind of served to introduce the concept of what New Media can be defined as. New Media has a very fluid definition since it is such a broad field, ranging from user interaction to creating holographic projection bracelets. Within the article it states that “The way in which scholars understand history colors and shapes the evolving and contingent enterprise of understanding media, and specifically to study new media is to ride squarely atop the ever-unfolding crest between the past and the present.” This serves to explain new media as a recording of the past, a creation of the present, and innovation in the future. History is shaped by every decision that is made, and by extension it is shaped by every technology that is created. This phrase theorizes that this technology developed in the past has a constant influence on the present, and that all technological innovation in the present in future is based off of what we have already developed.

The second half of the phrase also serves to explain what studying New Media is like. It compares it to riding atop a cresting wave, with the back half being history, and the front half serving as the future. This serves as a very apt analogy, for New Media really does represent the shifting line between past and future. It is an ever changing and evolving, as fluid as the wave that represents it in this analogy.

Another article on what makes New Media what it is:



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