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Scientist: Holographic television to become reality – CNN.com
Picture this: you’re sat down for the Football World Cup final, or a long-awaited sequel to the “Sex and the City” movie and you’re watching all the action unfold in 3-D on your coffee table.

The first article is about a recent breakthrough in screen-less display. This article explains that there are three different kinds of screen-less displays: Visual Display, Retina Display and Synaptic Interface. The article does not elaborate on which of these types of screen-less displays has generated a breakthrough but it is exciting to think that one or more of these has achieved some milestone.  This kind of technology could mean a lot for our field, seeing how all electronics, phones, tv’s, and computers could shift over to this tech.  The second article is similar and talks about holographic televisions and how three-dimensional holograms could be created soon. I chose this article largly because it could be related back to the topic of the first article. The breakthrough that could lead to in home holographic technology is the creation of the first updatable three dimensional display with memory. This kind of technology would be considered Visual Display if we were to categorize it in the categories from last article. I found both of these interesting because they would both have massive world wide effects on in home and mobile media.


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