Short Movie’s Response


Today in class we had two guest speakers from a university in North Carolina that specializes in cinematography. They showed us two short movies, each of which one of them was in charge of creating. The first one centered around a girl whose life had been changed by blindness. The story starts and its seems like you are following a girl through her normal everyday life. However there are clues that something is amiss. A few scenes into the film there are signs of dampened noises and no noise cues when there should be. One of the most important scenes in the beginning of the movie takes place in their family dining room. The son is in the room writing a song on a sheet of musical paper. The main character then proceeds to grab the paper and rip it up. The movie gives us flashbacks to many important moments in the character’s  life, some for a split second and others as long as ten seconds. These important scenes show her and a figure (presumed to be her father who is absent throughout the rest of the video) practicing playing the piano, a picture of what looks to be cat scans, and a scene with a doctor talking to her mother. These scenes, while using little sound, manage to convey some strong feelings to the viewer through scenery and story. The first story concludes with a heartwarming scene where the family that has had to overcome this problem has a group hug. The second movie was called Pigeon Hearts and was quite different. This film centered around using dialogue and character depth over using scenery and imagery like the first film. This film starts with shots of a young man walking through an abandoned farm house. It cuts between these scenes with other shots. These other shot are of the broken farmhouse interior and of the decayed and weathered buildings and fences outdoors. In the second half of this video it shows this boy with a girl. They are both sitting in a tub having a lighthearted conversation making jokes about owning the home together. This scene provides some comedy to liven up the film. However after this both characters grow uncomfortably quiet. After this the boy kisses the girl, and things get very tense and serious. The film then ends on a cliffhanger revolving around the idea of love. Both of these films provided two very different ideas on how to approach a short film both in the ways that they build their characters but also in how they present their plot and there surroundings. Both of the presenters and their movies also did a good job in showing the students how to be resourceful and make the best of their situations.

The aspects of creating a short film:


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