8 New Media Propositions

Reading Assignment 2: What is New Media 8 Propositions

This reading was a link posted on the slack web page. This reading seems to be centered around 8 different aspects of New Media that focus on clarifying the definition of the term. The first aspect was defining the difference between New Media and Cyber culture. Cyber culture as it is explained is the study of online interactions between people and how these online interactions affect people both socially and mentally. The second aspect was that New Media is Computer Technology used as a distribution platform. While the author of this article defines new media as “cultural objects which use digital computer technology for distribution and exhibition” he goes on to say that there are multiple flaws in this definition. The third aspect discussed in the article is “New Media as Digital Data controlled by Software”. This third aspect essentially states that all new media rely on digital representation and computer based delivery, and with that similarity comes a similarity between all of its forms. Aspect four, “New Media as the mix between existing cultural conventions and the conventions of software” is exactly what it sounds like.  It compares our existing cultural conventions with an ideally set up system. An example that they use is with modern day cinematography. They state that a movie could be randomly generated to tailor to a certain viewer by a known audience profile. This is contrasted by the way that films are made currently, commonly incorporating a niche to draw a certain kind of crowd and appealing to large groups of viewers. The last four aspects of New Media given in this document are “New Media as the Aesthetics that accompanies the early stage of every new modern media and communication technology”, “New Media as faster execution of algorithms previously executed manually or through other technologies”, “New Media as the encoding of modernist avant-garde ;New Medias as metamedia”, and the final topic discussed was “New Media as a parallel articulation of similar ideas in post WWII art and modern computing”.

Other Aspects of New Media articles:



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