Reading ch 1.25


Today we were assigned chapter 1.25 to read after class so that we could be better prepared for our next class when we speak more with our guest speakers. This chapter is Virtual and deals with the concept of virtual reality spaces, places, objects, and environments as well as the social aspect of such places. The reading starts with the idea of virtual presented in the 1990’s which includes lots of full body gear and setups as seen in the matrix. It gave the reader the definition of Immersion, which is the virtual reality being perceived by the user and is being generated by computer graphics and digital video in a way that allows the user some degree of interaction.Another definition deemed valid by the reading is that Virtual Reality is the place where the participants in forms of online communication feel themselves to be. It goes on to talk about how the virtual “is frequently cited as a feature of a postmodern cultures and technologically advanced societies in which so many aspects of everyday experience are technologically simulated.” This sort of trend can be seen in many multiplayer games. One such MMO which has seen extravagant popularity is World of Warcraft. This game is an RPG where people role play as heroes, and within the game can join guilds and acquire skills. Within this world there are craftsmen, merchants, and people of other professions. The game has reached such popularity that some people have devoted large amounts of their time to help regulate in game problems, such as an inflated stock market. These sorts of virtual environments show just how realistic that the virtual world can become, and next class I hope we get to talk about the idea of virtual reality in media even more.

WOW Stock…s/en/wow/topic/19021112753

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