-Chapter 1 of A Critical Introduction – up through and including 1.2.2

First Book Reading:

This reading was about a file given to us titled New Media – A Critical Introduction. This material covered a lot of things including a broad but helpful definition of new media by going through the early innovations of new media and going over some of its core concepts.

In the early pages of the chapter the book begins to introduce us to the idea of different terms used to describe different concepts of new media. The first concept was digital and in this form all data are turned into numbers. These numbers can represent a great many things such as pictures, sound, and light. The data stored like this can be output online, through networks, or on hard copy objects like disks. The other concepts include: Interactivity, which has an ever changing definition- Hypertext, links to other materials or websites that can be reached through said link- It also goes over the terms Virtual, Networked, and Simulated.

Before the book begins to go into what new media is it presents itself as not a book of solid facts but also as one of questions. Critical questions that the reader should be asking. It never clearly states, “New media is…” but instead points us to the concepts stated above and presents the reader with some knowledge and historical information. So at the end of this chapter we are presented with the idea that new media involves the incorporation of new technology and its ability to integrate and interact with the people it is made for. Whether it is a new apple product or a new system of digital rendering for an artist work, it is new media.


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